Whirlpool of Wrapping Paper

I have been quiet because I have not been painting.   This is typical for me.  But something else has caught my attention.  And this is typical for me too.  Christmas brought with it tons of wrapping paper and I got caught in a whirlpool of creative ideas wrapped around wrapping paper!  (Can I say wrapping anymore?)  All Paper.



Heron at River

I started a painting while at a Arts and Craft show this weekend.  The series “I Love Louisiana”.  My home state.  I hope you all enjoy the new painting.   Check me out at Saachi Art for prints or for the original painting.

Peek, But Not A Spoiler.

I saw this technique that artist were doing with acrylic paint where they poured the paint and let is flow to whatever design it randomly made.  I really loved the result but did not like the complete randomness of the art.  So I began thinking about ways to keep the random design of the pour and to have art pieces that were not completely random.

I had previously drawn on canvas a lady’s face and so I thought how wild it would be for the acrylic pour to be her hair?  But how can I do that?  I began pouring, just randomly like I saw others do.  (However, I do not use silicone in the paint.  At least not until I find out from manufactures that it will not affect the longevity.)  So after pouring two very interesting abstracts, I tried to force some of my control over the next painting and totally messed up the randomness of the design that a flow gives.  So I stopped pouring but the problem of how to get the pour as hair still raged as a question in me.

So an idea came to me and the beginning of the Acrylic Pour Series had life.   The acrylic pours have been going on in between the Haiku/Poetry Series, Landscape Series, and (just added) the Cat Series and I expect it to continue going on just like the others.  I have purposely not shared the paintings because I want to unveil them all together and plan to do so at painting ten.  I have four completed.  So as a ‘Peek, But Not A Spoiler’, I have taken photos and created a computer made collage for you to see the pours included in the series to date.  I am excited about the paintings!  Enjoy!

Copper and Blue Glass

My latest adventure is making a copper and blue glass bead necklace.  My process is to first design what I call an element; which, for a necklace is a combination of beads and wire links.  The goal here is to match wire links I make with beads I like.   While making the necklace element I measure cuts and length of the finished element.  Then I duplicate the element until I get the desired length of the finished necklace.  Nothing I have in gemstones, crystals, beads, metal plate and wire is off the table, so a lot of thought goes into the necklace element design.

After the design is created I go into an assembly line mode where all the need wire is cut and filed.  Then the links are folded.  Then the links are hammered.  Then the beads are wrapped.  And Finally the necklace is assembled to create the finished product.  I inspect the necklace to make sure it is wearable and looks good.  I check all the links to make sure the necklace is sturdy.  If I find flaws then it is retired to the “graveyard” to have the beads rescued.  If it passes inspection then it goes up for sale.

copper and blue glass

The next picture includes details about what is picture above.  I am making 8 elements so the finished product should be about 34 inches.

necklace in progress

Previous to this necklace I made a copper hammered jump ring bracelet with African Turquoise heart shaped beads dangled like charms.  Added to the bracelet is a single metal luggage tag shaped bead with the word “Ask” stamped on it.  The metal bead is wired under a tiny Swarovski AB Crystal and hung at the end of the bracelet.  Why I stamped the word “Ask” is to serve as a reminder to be always seeking knowledge.


The bracelet measures 7.5 inches but it can be lengthen with the tools pictured below.



What a Day!  If you plan on making jump rings anytime soon, you must wax your “0000 blade” with PINK Crayon.  No other color will do to make you giggle as much.  Just Sayin.