En Plein Air at the Abby Works

I had to opportunity to paint outside today.  My impression of a sunny day at Abby Works.  This is the field across from the barn.

Abby Works 101717


Misfit 3. 19 Season Be. Final 3.

I enjoyed making this piece of art.  If you know me, you know I love reality TV and especially Big Brother USA, which I have been watching since season 2.  I was inspired to do this painting because this pass season had an interesting combination of people and so very interesting behavior patterns.

I use a Lune  Poem in the painting instead of a Haiku.



Acrylic on Board, 12″ X 12″  $307.00  This really was fun to do!


Delft Squad Rescues Muse!

Great things going on in my art room.  The Delft Squad rescued my muse and she has punched in her time clock and there are five paintings in the works.  Each with their own personalities.   Each with their own birth dates.  I have a collection being born.  It is an oxymoron and may best be described as Random Order.  😀


This squad from the Muse Rescue Hunters gets gold stars from me!  (Haiku is on the canvas along with some accolades for the artist, oh… wait… if I paint in accolades for the artist, is that really accolades?  NVM  …)

Oil on Board 12″ X 24″.   $460

The Hunters Delft Squad

I am in the midst of painting two very great paintings.  I am have so much fun that my girlfriend advised me to write about it even without having the paintings to show.  So the story begins with me discovering a way to tap into that creative spirit or some would say, I found my muse.

I discovered a public domain site where photographers post their photos for artist use.  I found a photo that hit a chord in me, so I am doing a derivative painting.  While in the process of painting I became  inspired and began creating ‘The Hunters Delft Squad’.   which I will post when both are completed.  The inspired painting is attached to me in several ways.

The first attachment is the derivative painting which has several challenges for a painter, but the important information about it is that birds are included in the subject matter.  The second is that I have been having a wren sit on my front porch railing every evening around 7 pm singing loudly.  And finally, a fellow contributor to Word Press Blogging who is an author (with a good sense of humor) has been writing about Muses who are MIA.  I can feel that pain as I struggle often for that creative spirit to visit with a masterpiece.

So my inspired painting (that I Love!) is a painting of a Muse Rescue team known as The Hunters, Delft Squad.  The Delft squad consist of five very serious birds.  You’ll see soon. I’m currently taking a break from painting to write this (One of Two Not Bad Right Karen?)  and write a Haiku about the Delft Squad to put into the inspired painting.  😀